One O One introduction:


Living in Japan and experiencing earthquakes pretty frequently has changed my way of thinking about emergencies a lot. So knowing that a flashlight with some batteries installed, inside my emergency kit or on my key chain, will work when I most need it, gives me a certain sense of relief. I don`t know about you? Alkaline batteries are some of the worst things on the planet. They will many times ruin electronics and other battery powered devices that are stored away or not used for a longer period of time. The other thing I dislike about Alkaline batteries, is that you never know how much juice is in them. Grabbing a flashlight from your emergency kit and only getting a tiny bit of light is frustrating, to put it mildly. Not even talking about the environmental issues, paired with these things. Oh..I almost forgot: the nickname ChibiM is an abbreviation of Chibi Marco, which is how some people called me, after a Japanese kids character. (Nothing to be proud of though).

Nifty batteries

So, when I first heard about eneloops I was very excited. My first thought was: this ain`t true. But it proved me completely wrong. The other cool thing about eneloop batteries is that they not only perform great, they also look awesome! I mean, they came up with this simplistic white and blue battery design back in 2005. They really stand out in every battery corner. And even cooler than that, they even have special edition designs. Something that NO other battery maker has ever done before.

The forums

Anyhow, as I started to learn more about eneloops the more I started collecting information from different sources. When in 2012 I decided to dedicate a whole thread (overview eneloop 2005-2012) at my feeling-at-home forum, I updated the thread continuously for about 5 years. I also copied the information to another website called But the main problem with forums is that the information that is being shared is spread among many different posts and threads. Certain information is sometimes really hard to find, and people skip a lot of posts to come and repeat a question that has been asked several times before on the website or even in the same thread.

So I wanted to build an in-depth-website about eneloops for a long-long time. A place for sharing my knowlege and providing about almost anything you can think of about these fantastic batteries. Including catalogs, images, test results, background info, know hows, overviews, history, detailed information etc for eneloop users and collectors.  A place to learn and getting the right information from the right source. After moving back to the Netherlands, where I currently live, I decided to get this project going.

So here we are at powered by ChibiM 😉 and his lovely wife aka Japanese translator.



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