Promotional items

Eneloop marchandise

Through multiple eneloop promotions around the world there have been lots of eneloop merchandise out there. Here are some of them listed. If you come across anything else, let me know!

Eneloop Drinking Can

Panasonic and Sanyo have been producing different kinds of promotional items for eneloop.

These items were usually given away at exhibitions or sometimes through contests.

Back in 2014 or 2015 I participated in a contest on Facebook sponsored by eneloop Asia and won one of the 70 eneloop drinking cans. You could either win one of their 3 eneloop tropical AA packages or one of these cans. This one I gave to my friend Pete, who owns the most kinds of special editions.
Thanks Pete for sending me this picture!

Blue hat


In March 2016 eneloop EU celebrated their 10th anniversary in Warsaw, Poland. People were handing out bags with LED light bulbs as it seems.
If anyone has this hat, please let me know. I imagine those gloves could be very cool as well.. Wait, even that coat would be more than welcome 🙂

Paper bag


Not very exciting, but i also found this one on their Facebook EU page. August 26,2016. This guy won a video contest in Poland. He received a Panasonic action camera. I`m more interested in that bag!

Eneloop T-shirt


This one is just a plain and simple white eneloop T-shirt. The other T-shirts have eneloopy pictures on the front. This one has only text.
It was available in Uniqlo stores around Japan for 1500yen. Approximately 15 USD.

Eneloop expedition 2100


This is from the red team that participates with the 2100 eneloop expedition.  They have lots of eneloop goodies on the table. I wonder if they are also available to other people.  How about the bottle? Check out their facebook page: