Eneloop 101 intro:


My Eneloop journey started when I lived in Japan. A country with a huge amount of earthquakes, beautiful places, and many umbrellas.

I was pretty disappointed with Alkaline batteries and had many negative experiences with them since I was young. Leaking batteries in remote controls and toys started my disliking of Alkalines. Until Eneloop came to the rescue ;–)

Because of the earthquakes, I knew it was important to have a flashlight on me. When I experienced the big 2011 Tohoku earthquake I only had a mini flashlight on me that was using a lithium coin cell. Inside the shopping mall, I was working at, I had to use this mini flashlight to use the dark emergency stairs to enter the building after the earthquake to get my belongings. (Despite the fact that it was daylight, these stairs were completely dark). Once and for all I learned to keep a good flashlight on me.

I also learned to have an emergency kit ready at hand, at home, filled with drink, food and spare Eneloop and lithium AA batteries, and a few flashlights.

Oh..I almost forgot: the nickname ChibiM is an abbreviation of Chibi Marco, which is how some people called me, after a Japanese kids character. (Nothing to be proud of though). But my real name is Marco.

The forums

Anyway, as I began to learn more about Eneloop batteries, I started collecting information from various sources. When in 2012 I decided to dedicate a whole thread (overview Eneloops 2005-today) at my feeling-at-home forum, Budgetlightforum.com. I updated the thread continuously for about 8 years. I also copied the information to another website called Candlepowerforums.com. But the main problem with forums is that the information that is being shared is spread among many different posts and threads. Certain information is sometimes really hard to find, and people skip a lot of posts to come and repeat a question that has been asked several times before on the website or even in the same thread.


So I wanted to build an “in-depth” website about Eneloops for a long-long time, a place for sharing my knowledge and providing info about almost anything you can think of, about these fantastic batteries, including catalogs, images, test results, background info, know-hows, overviews, history, detailed information, etc, for Eneloop users and collectors. This website should be a place to learn and get the right information, from the right source. After moving back to the Netherlands, where I currently live, I decided to get this project going.

So here we are at eneloop101.com powered by ChibiM ;–) and his lovely wife aka Japanese translator.

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