Rewrapped Eneloops

There are more Eneloop Type batteries that you imagine

Rebranded Eneloops

Rewrapped Eneloops have been a fairly common topic of debate. Some people claim that certain batteries are Eneloops and some very well may be. Since FDK Corporation is owned by Fujitsu, there are more and more batteries out there that have “Eneloop” internals but in a different wrapper. Keeping that clue in mind and referring to the list below, you will see that batteries are not always one-to-one copies. There is also currently a 4th LSD battery that is not sold under the Panasonic Eneloop brand. A little digging into the details reveals an explanation.

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Please note that the following list contains all my current data and understanding of the market. Just a reminder that the term “generation” does not necessarily mean a certain age, but more of a quality difference. It is impossible to know what generation is used for a given name brand. The quality is more dependent on the buying price (in this case a brand) than who gets what generation at that price point. Some of the batteries listed below indicate (using the specifications as reference) that a different generation than the one currently being sold are indeed the latest Eneloops. Please note that not all FDK Corporation batteries are part of the “Eneloop family” and the Panasonic 2700 is an example. I will list the batteries that have a more clear resemblance with their Eneloop counterparts for the most part.

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Eneloop lite batteries 4*AA 1000 cycles

Sanyo Harmolattice


Sanyo sold white Harmolattice AA cells from 2009. They use the same coding HR-xUQ as Eneloop lite which were introduced in 2010. And have the same specs as well.


950mAh minimum for AA.  550mAh minimum for AAA The interesting thing is that they were specified as 1000 cycles, while (most) Eneloop lite were rated at 2000 cycles from announcement in 2010.

4 pieces of Sanyo Harmolattice batteries in a package

Sanyo Harmolattice

AAA: –

Sanyo sold Harmolattice AA cells in the east Asian region. They are the same as Eneloop XX/PRO. The only difference is that the Harmolattice do no come pre-charged while the XX are pre-charged. You can also see that in the text underneath the Harmolattice name, powered by Eneloop. The same cells, just a different wrapper. I believe they were available since 2010.


2500mAh typical and 2400mAh min. capacity. 75% charge left after 1 year when fully charged.


Muji rechargeable batteries from Japan

Muji batteries


Specifically branded Muji for the Muji stores in Japan. They were available for 1280 yen for a Charger including 2 batteries coded MJC341FX(CX) as a set from 2012.


950mAh min for AA HR-3UQ-MJ-2C and 550mAh for AAA HR-4UQ-MJ-2C. (2C meaning 2 batteries) Both rated 2000 cycles. Just like Eneloop lite. Which they are, using even the same code.


black nikon aa batteries


AA: EN-MH2 (B2/B4)
AAA: –

Nikon batteries, announced in June 2009, but still available at some places. Besides a package of AA batteries, they also had a charger set including the Battery Charger MH-73. B2/B4 just is the addition of the amount of cells included in the set. B2 meaning 2 batteries, and B4, 4 batteries. Click to see the Nikon EN-MH2-B4 announcement.


Claiming 2300mAh min. capacity. This doesn’t really equal the mAh for the Eneloop PRO. I don’t see any cycle life mentioned anywhere.


Aeon is one of the biggest supermarket chains in JAPAN. They have a lineup called TOP VALU… without the E.

AEON TOPVALU rechargeable batteries


AEON TOPVALU branded batteries made in Japan. Although the specifications don’t line up exactly with the Eneloop equivalent, they are from the same factory. These batteries are from 2008. Large picture of the lineup here. 100% sure they were made by Sanyo, and here.


Min. capacity 950mAh, 1300 cycles, HR-3UAE for AA batteries. Made in Japan. Same capacity as the Eneloop Lite.

Sendee (Shihlin electric & Engineering Co ltd.)

xDendee rechargeable batteries

AA: BT-3UB and BT-3UO

xDendee, a battery manufacturer in Taiwan, used to use the Eneloop technology since 2007. It has the following written on the battery jacket: Eneloop Technology by SANYO. These products can be found at


Some show 1000 cycles, some show 1500 cycles, 80% after 1 year. They probably have been around for many years.


Keep in mind that in certain markets a code is attached behind the product code. For example HR-3UTC becomes HR-3UTCEX. The last 2 letters are only an indicator for certain markets or amount of cells in a package! The list below is ordered by Product code, not by production date.
Product pictures as well as packaging can vary depending on the region. 
One of the interesting batteries I found is the Fujitsu HR-3UTF (4B) CH, which is a 1000 cycles, but has 80% charge left after 1 year. Kind of like the 1st generation eneloop. These Fujitsu are only sold at the Japanese Cainz Home shop.
These batteries are sometimes referred to as Fujiloops

4 white AA fujitsu batteries made in Japan



These seem to be the same as 3rd generation Eneloop standard.
There is also a picture for the Japanese HR-3UTA


1900mAh min capacity. Rated for 1800 cycles.  70% charge after 5 years.

4 white AA fujitsu batteries English 3UTB



Never been available in Japan as Fujitsu branded. Just as HebelHaus brand. Mainly available in Europe and Asia. They seem to be the same as 2nd gen Eneloops, which is rather strange when you look at the code, after the UTA. Picture is from the Shoudian forum. Cant find an original product picture unfortunately.


Min. 1900mAh capacity. Lifecycle rated at 1500 cycles.  90% charge remaining after 6 months 85% after 1 year.

4 white AA fujitsu batteries with japanese text



Popular battery. Which is the same as the 4th generation Eneloop std with the same specifications.


Capacity 1900mAh. Lifecycle rated for 2100 cycles. Charge 85% remaining after 1 year or 70% fater 5 years. New updated specs show 70% charge left after 10 years.

4 white AA fujitsu batteries



These seem to be only available in Asia. Not available in Japan. Please take a look at the details below to see some interesting numbers. These would imply a 4th type of “Eneloop battery”. As they are rated for 1000 cycles. Which would help some people to understand the “generations” when talking about rewraps. See the Korean Blue Fujitsu. Which I think are called 4UTD. Keep reading!

They are also known as Fujitsu HR-3UTI in certain countries! They are cheaper to get then the 2100 cycles.


Capacity is 1900mAh for AA. Lifecycle of 1000 cycles, with a charge remaining of 80% after 1 year.

4 silver AA fujitsu rechargeable batteries with Japanese text


AAA: –

The High Capacity cells. They have never been available in AAA format in the Fujitsu branded lineup. These are equivalent to Eneloop Pro 1st gen, which also never had an AAA version.
These cells are only available in Japan. HKJ reviewed these batteries for me.


Capacity for AA min. 2400mAh. Lifecycle rate of 500 cycles. Remainaing charge left: 75% after 1 year.

4 black AA fujitsu rechargeable batteries with Japanse text



These are the first AAA “pro” fujitsu NiMH cells that were in production. Also they now changed to black wrappers. The English package is a little different. These are the same as Eneloop Pro 3rd and 4th gen.


Black: AA 2450mAh min. capacity 500 cycles 85% 1 year. And 900mAh for AAA.

4 black AA fujitsu rechargeable batteries



HR-xUTHC is the same as the 3rd/4th gen Eneloop Pro. With the same specs. The funny thing is now, May 2017, there is no equivalent to the latest Eneloop Pro BK-3HCD with 2500min capacity.


Black: AA 2450mAh min. capacity 500 cycles 85% 1 year. And 900mAh for AAA.

4 green AA fujitsu rechargeable batteries


AAA: –

Specs and everything look the same as HR-3UTA. There is no AAA version for this type. I don`t know why they would include this in their line-up. Maybe just for certain markets.


Green: 1900mAh rated at 1800 cycles. And 85% charge reamaining after 1 year and 70% after 5 years.

4 pink fujitsu rechargeable batteries


AAA: –

These are the Lite version. They exhibit the same specs as Eneloop lite. There is no direct AAA available, but it looks like the lite version available in Korea has an AAA version as well. But I couldn’t find the product code. Another interesting thing is that they show 5000 cycles, while they are rated at 3000 cycles for the Eneloop lite, and only for the Chinese Eneloop lite they are rated at 5000 cycles. But these are made in Japan, not China.


Pink: lite 950mAh for AA.  5000 cycles  85% charge remaining after 1 year and 70% after 5 years

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AA: ITEM15420**1000 No. 420

Tamiya is a very popular brand for Remote Control cars and toys. They aquired some low capacity cells from Sanyo.

950mAh minimal capacity. 2000 cycles. 19 gram. These are equal to the eneloop lite. Selling date from 2010.



There are a few variations of the Toshiba Impulse, so only the following list can be considered Eneloop batteries. The previous version which are also tested by HKJ were made in China.

4 Toshiba impulse batteries in a package



The High end version of these batteries. These batteries are equivalent to the Eneloop Pro. On the bottom of the picture you can see an orange Recycle Symbol, and next to it on a yellow background written. Made in Japan (in Japanese: 日本製 , nipponsei)


Impulse 2450mAh capacity. With a rated cycle life of 500.  And 85% charge remaining after 1 year.

2 Toshiba AA batteries in a package



These are even called Toshiba Impulse Lite. The back of the package shows FDK product. They show 5000 cycles while Eneloops show 3000 cycles for their Japan made ones. The Eneloops may be a different generation, or it is just the print.


Toshiba Impulse Lite 950mAh  for AA batteries. And 5000 cycles with 85% charge remaining after 1 year



The standard version of the Toshiba Impulse series. They are basically the Eneloop std model.


Toshiba Impulse 1900mAh for AA, 750mAh for AAA. 2100cycles. 90% after 1 year charge remaining.



Available packs of 4, 8 and 20 pieces


Capacity 1900mAh for AA, 750mAh for AAA. 500cycles according to new JIS C8708 2019 ( 80% after 1 year charge remaining.

AMAZON (amazonloops, amaloops)

Unfortunately specs on Amazon can be conflicting. So be very careful with the batteries you order. (Well, they are not for sale any longer.. so you don’t have to worry). I would just say: Go for Japanese made Eneloops instead. At least you can be sure they are good. The Amazon descriptions can be weird. Some pages say Made in Japan, while on the bottom of the same page it says origin: China.

Amazon Basics batteries AA grey

Amazon basics


Please take a look at the Fujitsu list above. Do you see a resemblance? Also there is no AAA version made by Fujitsu with the same code, only AA. These are High Capacity cells. Like 1st gen Eneloop pro. It also says Pre-charged using Solar energy.. which Eneloops also show.


Amazon Basics Grey with green line: AA 2400mAh 1 year 75% charge remaining, 3 years 65% remaining.

Amazon basics AA batteries

Amazon basics


Please compare 1st gen Eneloops. What product code do they have? Cycles?  Fujitsu HR-3UTD? Get the point?


Amazon Basics Black with green line: AA 1900mAh 1 year 80% charge remaining, 3 years 70% remaining. AAA 750mAh.

IKEA LADDA (Ikealoops)

IKEA has sold rechargeable batteries for many years. Only since 2016 or so have they sold the IKEA Ladda brand, sporting a simple white or tan/beige design. Please note that the earlier versions, colored green, and silver, are made in China. Ikealoops have become very popular because they are available worldwide, but only in-store.

Keep in mind however that these models are the Pro and Lite equivalent, and not the regular Eneloop with 2100 cycles!

Notice: Jun 2021:

Ikea started to sell grey 1900mAh and 750mAh batteries, as well as 2450 grey batteries.

Notice: March 2019:

Not all Ikealoops are made in Japan any longer. I’ve received information that at least some Ikealoops are now sourced in China! At least for the brown (tan) 1000mAh Eneloops.

IKEA ladda

AA: article nr: 505.046.92
AAA: article nr: 905.098.19

These appear similar to the first gen Eneloop version. There is no product code besides its article number. Made in Japan definitely indicates FDK factory, as there is only one LSD NiMH factory in Japan. Looking at the specifications they look like the 1st gen Eneloops (same as the blue Fujitsu). The article number seems to be different per country? I also noticed 005.098.14


1900mAh, 1000 cycles for AA, 750mAh for AAA. No indication of remaining charge after X years.

IKEA Eneloop 2450
White Ikea batteries

IKEA ladda

AA: article nr: 505.046.92
AAA:Not available

Article code can differ per country.

These appear similar to the Pro version of Eneloops. There is no product code besides its article number. Made in Japan definitely indicates FDK factory, as there is only one LSD NiMH factory in Japan. It isn’t clear what generation they are. Dark gray colored.

The older white Ladda 2450 batteries article numbers:

  • AA: article nr: 703.038.76
  • AAA: article nr: 903.038.80 (900mAh)


2450mAh 500 cycles for AA. The AAA are discontinued since they changed to the new dark kray wrapper. No indication of remaining charge after X years.

Ikea Ladda 1000mAh batteries

IKEA Ladda

AA: article nr: 203.038.74
AAA: article nr: 303.038.83

Again, these are not comparable 1-to-1 to any model of Eneloop. But overseas rewrappers like Amazon, Powerex, and Duracell seem to use slightly different specs for their batteries. Maybe Panasonic requires them to do so. Eneloop Lites usually have a much higher rated cycle life than these; it’s unclear if these are inferior to the Lites or if IKEA is underestimating cycle life. Tan colored. From 2019 March, these batteries are made in China … just a word of warning!

Edit: these are now discontinued


1000mAh 1500 cycles for AA, 500mAh for AAA. No indication of remaining charge after X years either.

APPLE (Appleloops)

Apple doesn’t produce their own batteries, and you can see that by looking at the country of origin. Made in Japan. That by itself is enough “evidence” they come from the FDK factory.

Apple Rechargeable AA Batteries

AA: only as a charger kit: Apple MC500LL/A that comes with 6 AA batteries.
AAA: not available.

The Apple batteries are also made in Japan. They were only sold as a kit including a charger. Not separately. Therefore the batteries have no product code themselves. They seem to be around 2nd generation Eneloops. See Made in Japan on their wrapper in this picture.


1900mAh and 1000 cycles, 80% charge left after 1 year.

DURACELL (also referred to as Duraloops)

Duracell has some DX1500 coded batteries that are made in Japan. For me its just too vague because they use different kinds of packaging and names. Some say Stay-charged,  Rechargeable plus, Ion Core or Active charge, Duralock etc. Those are already 5 types of packages for the DX1500 batteries. Some show 300 cycles, others 400 cycles. Some say DX1500H others DX1500. So they might be some sort of Eneloop pro. It`s just too much work to find all kinds of packages to show them. Plus there might be fakes out there as well. Some buy “Japanese Duracell batteries” thinking they are Eneloops, but receive Chinese cells. Some of the packages are just confusing, and online sellers usually know too little to see the difference. 


They use codes: MH-4AA270-BH for their 2700mAh (which of course is typical capacity and not minimum capacity)
MH-8AAPRO-BH for the latest Pro edition 2700mAh typical capacity. These to my understanding are Not Eneloop batteries but Panasonic High Capacity HSD (or hybrid LSD if you wanna call them that way) batteries. Similar to Panasonic Evolta high capacity 2550mAh or Panasonic 2700mAh for the overseas market. 


This is entering a gray area. Just like some Powerex and some Duracells are made in Japan. It’s just not very clear which are which. I hesitate to post them.

Sony AA battery package

Sony CycleEnergy


First of all, the code B4 is just the amount of batteries in a pack. The 2-packs are coded NH-AA-B2K. Nothing more, nothing less. These seems to have different specs as well. Probably because they are available on overseas markets.. Dont know for sure why they have different specs. Probably 1st gen std batteries. They also had a different wrapper, probably as an earlier version. Please note that some of the NH-AA-B4KN and NH-AAA-B4KN are made in China and are different batteries! This is yet another case where it’s difficult to buy based on product name.


AA min. 2000mAh  rated for 1000cycles, and 85% charge after 1 year. AAA min 750mAh. 

Sony CycleEnergy


High capacity cells. I just can`t find enough specs for this battery. Therefore I`d like to put an extra warning here. They are made in Japan, but I just have too less info on these.  Again the AAA version looks strange.
Edit: 04-2018: Thanks to Diego from Brazil I received pictures of the AA and AAA packages and batteries! Thanks Diego. These are available in Brazil. Specs are the same as 1st gen. and 2nd gen. Eneloop PRO.


AA min. 2400mAh, 2500mAh typ. 500 cycles, stays 75% charged after 1 year..
AAA min. 840mAh, 900mAh typ. 500 cycles, stays 75% charged after 1 year.


The Watson MX batteries that are being sold at the B&H photography store are also made in Japan. See the ones that are listed below.

Watson MX black AA batteries

Watson MX

AA 4-pack: B&H # WALD25504AA MFR # AA-LD25504
AA 8-pack: B&H # WALD25508AA MFR # AA-LD25508 AAA 4-pack: B&H # WALD9504AAA MFR # AAA-LD9504
AAA 8-pack: B&H # WALD9508AAA MFR # AAA-LD9508

They don`t seem to carry a special product code. They do however have UPC: 847628596870 and UPC: 847628596863. They are the PRO equivalents in terms of capacity and cycle life.


AA: 2550mAh rechargeable for 500cycles, and a 85% charge left after 1 year. AAA: 950mAh max/rated capacity. 


Ansmann is a well known battery brand from Germany. They have all sort of battery sizes, ranging from AAA to D. While most of their lineup is made in China, they have a few new batteries that are made in Japan.

ansmann eneloops

Ansmann NiMh rechargeable battery AA and AAA

AA 4-pack: Part number: 1302-0013-1
AAA 4-pack: Part number: 1301-0007-1 EAN 4013674100217

About 90% of Ansmann’s line up consists of batteries made in China, some of their newest versions however are made in Japan. They are called the Ansmann max E PRO. Althought PRO doesnt have anything to do with the highest capacity of Eneloops…the Eneloop PRO.


AA: 1900mAh / AAA: 750mAh rechargeable for 2100 cycles, and a 85% charge left after 3 years, 70% after 5 years. These numbers are the same as the 4th gen standard eneloops.

Eneloop batteries are one of the best rechargeable batteries in the world.
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