How many times can Eneloop rechargeable batteries be recharged?

I believe they can, but under certain conditions. This includes a predefined amount of current for charging and discharging, an ambient temperature of X degrees, and a certain amount of rest within their amount of charge and discharge cycles.

I also believe that they can be charged more than 2100 times. It really depends on how you charge them, and how much you discharge them and at what current.

So that means that my Eneloop batteries can`t be charged 2100 times?

Hmm, most likely you won`t be able to do this. No need to feel upset. Imagine you would charge them twice every week for “just” 1000 times. We are then looking at 104 cycles in a year. In order to get 1000 cycles, you would be using those batteries for over 9 years.  I believe that is quite a long time. Imagine how much environmental damage you would have saved by not using Alkaline batteries.

2100 cycles is just a marketing lie?

No, definitely not. It is according IEC and JIS testing specifications. A friend of mine, Viking (a member of the CPF forum) has helped me to understand these testings. The Japanese JIS 8708  Panasonic now uses is the same as the IEC 61951-2.
Sanyo and Panasonic didn’t make up some lousy numbers. They tested them according to these standards. The cycles are counted until there is 60% capacity left from the original capacity when the test stops. See the graph for the 2nd generation Eneloops that explains this a little.

Eneloop batteries are one of the best rechargeable batteries in the world.
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