How many years do Eneloops last?

There are numerous people who have been using Eneloops for 10-15 years without too much trouble. But those are usually the standard edition with 1900mAh capacity.

Eneloop PRO, on the other hand, die sooner and you could probably use them for 5 years or so if they are not abused.

It really depends on how much you take care of the batteries. If you don’t discharge them below 0.9V and don’t discharge them at extreme currents, you could use them for a very long time.

My recommendation is to get standard Eneloops with 1900mAh or 2000mAh, which can be used for many years, as they are one of the toughest rechargeable batteries on the planet.

You can see a thread on Budgetlightforum where people shared how long they have been using their Eneloops:

Eneloop batteries are one of the best rechargeable batteries in the world.
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