Is slow charging better than fast charging for Eneloops?

I think this is a very common mistake people make. They think that slow charging will result in longer cycle life. This is not true just by itself! They put their Eneloop Pros in a time-based charger and think they are treating their batteries nicely. Wrong.

Please look at the Tests Page for the 5000 cycles test. It is not mainly about the charge current but when the charge stops. Charging at a slow current can actually be more problematic when the charger can not detect whether a battery is full. At a higher charge rate, it is easier for the charger to detect a Voltage drop and Temperature increase and therefore know when to stop charging. These 2 checks can be missed when the batteries are charged at a low current! Not every charger terminates at a certain Voltage like the Powerex MH-C9000.

My quote for max cycle life: “It`s better to stop the charge prematurely using a high charge current than to overcharge with a low charge current.”

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