What is a trickle charge?

Trickle charge is usually referred to as keeping a battery on the charger at a very low charge current. This is meant to keep the battery as full as possible over an extended period of time.

NiMH battery chargers don`t usually include this feature. Some chargers like the Panasonic BQ-CC16 and BQ-CC55 use a 1-hour trickle charge to top off the battery. It might even be the wrong terminology as it is a fairly high Trickle charge and sometimes people call it a top-off charge. The BQ-CC17 on the other hand does not use this topping off. Likely because it uses a lower current, to begin with.

Panasonic Eneloop batteries don’t like to be continuously charged via trickle charging. This will reduce the battery life significantly. Eneloop PRO batteries can die within months if the batteries are continuously charged via trickle charging.

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