What is an over-discharge?

This is a common problem when using batteries in a multi-battery application. Say for example a flashlight that uses 4 AA batteries in series. When 1 battery is charged for 50% and the other 3 to 100%, and you use the flashlight, the batteries will drain and the 50% charged battery will be empty before the others and the current keeps flowing through the battery which will damage this battery and increase its internal resistance.

It is therefore always advised to use sets of batteries always together, and the Eneloop limited editions will greatly help to keep track of your sets.

I asked some Eneloop engineers, who said that over-discharge is much worse than overcharge.
Over-discharge starts at 0.8V, and at around 0.6V damage will occur.

Eneloop batteries are one of the best rechargeable batteries in the world.
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