What is -dV/dt charging ? (termination)

This is a charge termination method that detects a full battery when the Voltage of the battery drops within a certain time during the charge.
– means negative
d means delta/change
V means Voltage
t means time.

Delta can be translated as a Change. So if the charger senses a change in voltage so that the Voltage drops (which means negative) within X amount of time it knows the battery is fully charged. See this graph that HKJ made and look at the Red line. Just before it stops charging you can see it going down. The charger that uses a -dV/dt algorithm detects the battery is fully charged and terminates the charge.

The problem with low C charge rates is that the Voltage drop is difficult to measure. Therefore it is better to use a .5C or 1C rate when using this algorithm. Also notice that the black line, and temperature rises at the same time, they go hand in hand.

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