Products branded as Eneloop products
(None of these are in production anymore)


Products listed below have been produced from 2005 till about 2013. However, most of these products are very hard to come by.

Head down to the bottom for Eneloop products produced by Panasonic 2013~

Lamps / Lights

Eneloop Lamp

Portable interior lightProduct code: ENL-Y1S

A rechargeable interior light, when held its light can be directed like a flashlight. Great for emergencies like earthquakes. 

Received a design award in 2010. It comes with 2 HR-3UTG (1st generation Eneloops) and uses an induction charger base (it charges extremely slow). The flashlight has a built in tilt sensor and automatically turns on when tilted. Since it comes with the standard Eneloops, they can be replaced when the cells die. This means, theoretically, this flashlight lasts a lifetime!

(not in production anymore)

green lantern with solar panel

Eneloop Lantern

Product code: ENL-L1EX

2009 Sumatra earthquake

SANYO donated 1,000 solar LED lanterns to Jakarta Red Cross to help with the re-establishment of areas affected by the earthquake of September 30, 2009, in Sumatra, Indonesia.

The lantern has Eneloop cells built in and is recharged with a 3W glass solar panel charger (at least 2 different versions of the solar panel was made). Some of these did get distributed to the 2011 Japan earthquake disaster area. The same lantern was eventually released in Japan (in white color) as the Panasonic BG-BL02 H but with an AC adapter mains charger instead. The ENL-L1EX got replaced with an BG-BL03 H in 2013 (non-eneloop) , which is a completely different design, featuring brighter/more LEDs, USB port, water resistance, and a handle to allow hanging. Read more here: https://news.panasonic.com/global/stories/2013/24710.html

(Not in production anymore)

Air purifier

Eneloop Air Fresher

Product code: CAF-VW10TG(K)

A portable Air purifier (and Virus washer), that takes out pollen, perfume, and other things in the air.

Funnily enough it runs off rechargeable lithium batteries, and not eneloop batteries.  Can be used inside a car with a car plug, on battery or by using an AC adapter. There is also non-eneloop version called CAF-VW201A(H)

(not in production anymore)

Heating / warming

Eneloop Kairo (heater)

Hand warmer Product code: KIR-SE1, KIR-SL2, KIR-SL1s, KIR-S3S, KIR-S2S

The KIR-SE1 heats up till about 43 degrees Celsius, provides about 5 hours of continuous warming. Runs on a rechargeable lithium Ion battery. The KIR-S3S, KIR-S2S, and KIR-S1S accepts charging with the AC adapter only. The newer KIR-SE1S accepts charging via USB on a EIAJ to USB mini-B special adapter.

A Hello Kitty edition of the KIR-SE1S was released as the KIR-SE1S-KT. It is white with a Hello Kitty on its face. The KIR-SL2S used 2 Eneloop AAs and they all came with the 1st generation HR-3UTG cells, even as late as 2011. It can be charged with the AC adapter or via USB on a EIAJ to USB mini-B special adapter. There is an older KIR-SL1S which accepts charging with the AC adapter only and also came with HR-3UTG cells

(not in production anymore)

Eneloop Portable (feet) Warmer

Eneloop Anka

Product code: KIR-S4S / KIR-S5S

Safely warms your feet while you’re taking a nap or while you’re driving. It will turn off automatically with its built-in timer. The batteries included are eneloops.

(not in production anymore)

Eneloop Lap / Feet warmer

Eneloop Soft warmer

Product code: ENW-SW3S / ENW-SW1S(W) / ENW-SW2S(ST)

Portable warmer which can also be used while plugged into a wall socket. The battery used is a lithium battery, and not eneloops as the name might imply. More info here: https://kaden.watch.impress.co.jp/cda/column/2008/11/11/3147.html

(not in production anymore)

Eneloop Neck Warmer

Neck warmer

Product code: ENW-NW1S(HW) ENW-NW2

Seems to be a very comfortable neck warmer. It was provided with a lithium power pack, called the KBC-L3A.

(not in production anymore)

Eneloop Waist Warmer

Product code: ENW-WW1S-M

As with most of these gadgets, these are using lithium battery packs instead of eneloop batteries. The ones provided with this waist warmer is the KBC-L3A.

(not in production anymore)


Solar panel battery charger

Eneloop Solar Charger

Product code: N-SC1AS / N-SC1S

Solar panel that charges your AA and AAA batteries. There is a built-in lithium battery. Charges 1-2 AA in 150 minutes or 3-4 AA in 300 minutes. It also has a USB port to charge your mobile phone and the like. It also has a 0.5A USB output. There are 5 LED lights, one which is the internal battery indicator and will blink when charging. The other 4 are state of charge status lights for the battery charger and also blinks when charging. It has green, yellow, or red indicators. They were only sold as a kit: N-SC1S and N-SC1AS, the only difference is N-SC1AS came with HR-3UTGA cells whereas the N-SC1S came with HR-3UTG cells

(not in production anymore)

LED solar light

Eneloop LED Solar Light

Product code: SSL-LT1S

Includes a USB port to charge your mobile devices at 500mA. And it seems like they have NiMH batteries built-in. It also has a power adapter to charge the batteries and use it as a powerbank by itself. It did come with NiMH cells and a 0.5A USB output port. It has 3 different light patterns as well as an SOS flashing sequence.
Won a “good design award” in 2008

(not in production anymore)

Portable Solar Battery Charger

Eneloop Portable Solar Charger

Product code: SSL-SBSL3AS

Can be used to charge your mobile device or eneloop mobile booster. The KBC-L3AS Eneloop mobile booster is included.

(not in production anymore)

Foldable solar charger

Eneloop Portable Solar Charger

Product code: SSL-SBWL3AS

Solar charger that can be folded in half, with a battery built into the 5V USB charger..
This is actually a double version of the one above. The KBC-L3AS Eneloop mobile booster is included.

(not in production anymore)

Battery Packs

Battery pack

Eneloop Mobile Boosters (battery packs)

Product code:

  • KBC-L54D  (lithium ion 5400 mAh)
  • KBC-L27D  (lithium ion 2700 mAh)
  • KBC-L2BS (lithium ion 5000 mAh)
  • KBC-E1AS (eneloop AA *2)
  • KBC-L2AS (lithium ion )
  • KBC-L3AS (lithium ion )
  • KBC-E1S (eneloop AA *2)

(not in production anymore)

Stick booster made by eneloop

Eneloop Stick Booster


Product code: KBC-D1AS / KBC-D1BS  / KBC-D1DS

2 AA batteries can be put in here to charge your mobile devices (included in package). Not very powerful, but will do the job, albeit slowly. These sticks are also sold under a different branding, including 2 Eneloop AA batteries. The device itself cannot charge those AA batteries, so they have to be charged separately in a battery charger.

(not in production anymore)

Eneloop 9V Music Booster

Product code: KBC-9VS

Rechargeable lithium battery pack of 7350mAh capacity with two outputs of 9V each with a maximum of 2000mA. Used for musical instruments like a Distortion/Overdrive, Digital delay/Digital reverb etc. Includes a power adapter to use with 100-240V AC.

(not in production anymore)

Nintendo Wii accessories

Stick battery booster for Nintendo

Eneloop Stick Booster Nintendo

Powerbank for Nintendo devices

Product code:  KBC-DS2AS / KBC-DS3AS

The DS2AS is made for the Nintendo DS Lite (not 3ds) and the cord that is attached to it is not replaceable. So if you want to use a normal USB cable you will need the normal stick booster.
The KBC-DS3AS is for the Nintendo DSi and DSi LL.

(not in production anymore)

Wii remote control charger

Eneloop Wii Remote Control Charger

Product code:  NC-WR01DC

You can place your Nintendo Wii controller in this dock to charge its batteries..

(not in production anymore)

Wii remote control battery pack

Eneloop Wii Remote Control Battery Pack

Product code:  NC-WR01BA Rechargeable battery pack for Nintendo Wii remote controllers.
Please note that the product code is universally used, even for different power packs.

(not in production anymore)

Eneloop Wii Remote Control Pack

Product code:  N-WR01S

Charging station including Wii Remote controller

(not in production anymore)

Nintendo Wii double remote control pack

Eneloop Wii Double Remote Control Pack

Product code:  N-WR03S

Double charging station for 2 controllers including rechargeable battery packs.

(not in production anymore)


Eneloop Bicycle

Product code:  CY-SPH600NA / CY-SPL226 / CY-SPL224 / CY-SPA226A / CY-SPJ220 / CY-SPH227

Electric bicycles powered by Lithium Ion batteries rather than NiMh batteries.

(not in production anymore)


Eneloop Flashlight

Eneloop flashlight

Product code:  LK-K309ADS

High power eneloop LED light, including 2 AA eneloop batteries.

(not in production anymore)



The number of products featuring Eneloop branding is very limited

Eneloop Solar Storage System

Product code:  BH-SS01 / F-KJSS111T-K

Solar storage system Including a Solar Storage unit (with battery)
Solar panel, 1.5W Bulb Led lamp (100 lumens), 5W straight tube led lamp (500 lumens). Charges the battery pack in 5 hours. The storage unit consists of 12 D sized batteries looks like. https://youtu.be/YPB-8gr8ct4?t=1m48s
With a full charge:

  • Bulb led lamp: 24 hours
  • Straight tube Led
    • high: 7 hours
    • low: 14 hours.

Countries for product release (as of 2015) Africa – Ethiopia, Tanzania, etc.
Asia – Myanmar, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.

Eneloop batteries are one of the best rechargeable batteries in the world.
You can buy them in the following countries:

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