Eneloop Promotional items

Some unique promotional stuff, not available for sale

Eneloop merchandise

Through multiple eneloop promotions around the world, there have been a lot of special merchandise out there. These are not part of their regular product line. Here’s a list of them.

Picture of a promotional drinking can

Eneloop Drinking Can

Panasonic and Sanyo have been producing a variety of promotional items for eneloop over the years. These items were usually given away at exhibitions or contests. Back in 2014 or 2015, I participated in a contest on Facebook sponsored by eneloop Asia and won one of their 70 eneloop drinking cans. You could win one of their three eneloop tropical AA packages or one of these cans. I gave this one to my friend Pete, who has the most diverse collection of special edition items.
Thanks Pete (you fishinfool) for sending me this picture!

blue eneloop hats

Blue hat

In March 2016 eneloop EU celebrated their 10th anniversary in Warsaw, Poland, there were even eneloop bag handouts with and free LED bulbs included. If anyone has this hat, please let me know. I imagine those gloves could be very cool as well.. Wait, even that coat would be more than welcome 🙂

eneloop bag

Paper bag

Not very exciting, but I also found this one on their Facebook EU page. August 26,2016. This guy won a video contest in Poland. He received a Panasonic action camera. I`m more interested in the bag ;–)!

White eneloop tshirt

Eneloop T-shirt

This one is just a plain and simple white eneloop T-shirt. The other T-shirts have eneloopy pictures on the front. This one has only text.
It was available in Uniqlo stores around Japan for 1500yen. Approximately 15 USD.

eneloop expedition guys

Eneloop expedition 2100 (2017)

This is from the red team that participates with the 2100 eneloop expedition.  They have lots of eneloop goodies on the table. I wonder if they are also available to other people.  How about the bottle? Check out their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/eneloopexpedition.teamred/

Eneloop expedition 2100 wooden pens

Panasonic sent me some eneloop merchandise in return of some help I provided, and these pens were included. Unfortunately the first 1 I used had some problems. So I don’t know if that means anything. LOL. Love the “green” style they are really focusing on. I’m not sure if they are from 2017 or 2018.

Eneloop expedition 2100 pencil

This is an interesting little thing. On 1 end of the pencil you can find a plastic lookalike shell. On the inside of the shell is a little seed inserted. When you finish the pencil, you can plant this in the ground, and you can grow another tree or plant. Nice life cycle :–D

Eneloop expedition 2100 notebook

High quality notebook with lines. I don’t know where these were used for, but I received some in my gift pack, together with a lot of other merchandise, and a pack of eneloop Botanics.

Eneloop USB stick 

16GB USB stick made out of wood… at least the outside. The cap has a little magnet in it, so it will snap to the main part. It also includes a keyring attachment. All these products are pretty “green”.

orange outdoor mat

Orange Eneloop Outdoor mat

Eneloopy style plastic outdoor mat. It’s about 1 meter by 60cm by guessing. Especially in Japan this could be very handy for cherry blossom viewing :–) or watching fireworks in summer. In Holland these are not popular.

Blue Eneloop Outdoor mat

About the same size as the orange tarp above. Again these are from Japan.


Just a simple handkerchief that I received in my gift bag

Eneloop bags

Some with the Eneloopy mascot, and other with just the words Eneloop.

Foldable sunglasses

Some foldable sunglasses that came with a little pouch bag for storage.


This one is about 20 cm tall. I only keep it in my storage, and it’s never used.


Just a small water bottle.

Beach ball

I’ve used and destroyed the bach ball. After 1 or 2 seasons it had lots of mold, so I had to throw it. I might have a second ball in storage as well.

Have you seen any Eneloop merchandise not shown here?

Please let me know!
Send me an email with the information to

or go to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/eneloop101/ 

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