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Before you are heading to any of the 20 eneloop pages I would like to give a short and basic introduction to eneloops.

The Eneloop AA battery was first introduced in November 2005 by Sanyo Japan with nothing less than breathtaking specifications. They were able to be charged 1000 times, (something very unique in those days) and were keeping their charge much longer than any other rechargeable NiMH battery on the market (called Low Self Discharge). Another specification that stood out was that you were able to use them right out of the box. While the traditional rechargeable batteries had to be charged before using, the eneloops were Ready-to-use. They were packed pre-charged at 70% of their max capacity. These are just a few reasons for using eneloops. Their full capacity is min. 1900mAh, and sometimes packages show Typ. 2000 mAh.

Expanded line-up
In 2007 Sanyo also produced C and D size batteries and in 2009 their first Eneloop Special edition. In 2010 they produced their first Low capacity version, (for low-drain devices) called Eneloop Lite. Their capacity was about 950 mAh for their AA-size batteries.
In the same year a High capacity version (for high-drain devices) was also produced and was called Eneloop XX/PRO, with a capacity of 2400mAh for their AA batteries. The same year that Sanyo officially became a Panasonic company.

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Eneloop special editions batteries

Some handsome batteries you got there!

In 2009 Sanyo released their first limited edition eneloops, called Eneloop tones.

In 2010 Sanyo eneloop celebrated their 5th year anniversary with a special edition eneloop, called Eneloop Tones Glitter.  Since then they regularly updated their special edition line-up with many kinds of  wrappers  including Chocolate tones, Forest tones, with the latest additon being the eneloop tones expedition.

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Eneloop charging and chargers

Do you know how to charge your eneloop batteries?

Fortunately Sanyo and Panasonic also produced chargers alongside their batteries so that you don`t have to worry about all this charging stuff.
Both, Sanyo and Panasonic made some interesting chargers. The sad thing is that not all of their chargers are good

Some of them charge a pair of batteries for X amount of hours, and then stop. These are sometimes called Dumb chargers...... They are time-based chargers.

Better chargers use more sophisticated technology to measure whether a battery is fully charged or not, and these are referred to as Smart chargers or battery analyzers.
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Eneloop Products

More than just batteries

Sanyo introduced in 2006 the eneloop Universe.
This expanded the concept of eneloop.  Eneloop Universe received the 2007 Good Design Award with their intuitive products.

This lineup included an eneloop lamp, portable solar charger, neck warmer, bicycles and much more.

With the official closing of the Sanyo trademark in Japan in March 2012, the lineup of "eneloop universe" stopped as well. Some products like the mobile boosters were being improved and sold under Panasonic branding.

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Prototype products

Have you ever seen a eneloop bell?

With the Eneloop Universe line-up of products Sanyo also designed products that never made it into full production. Eneloop collectors should keep an eye out on these products.
Some of them are real collectors items.

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