Eneloop Prototype Products

Here are a few prototype items that Sanyo never put into production.

Nevertheless something to look out for as an eneloop collector.


Eneloop bell:

Don`t ask me what kind of bell this is. It looks like a doorbell?
It doesn`t tell anything if there are batteries used inside or if it is really just a simple bell.

Eneloop phone:

The official name is supposed to be the eneloophone. It stands in something that looks like a cupcake. Maybe its a Qi charger? Anyhow it never made it into production so we might never actually now any more details.


Eneloop fax:

Again the picture show the same product as the eneloophone, but with a fax machine and a cupcake. Something that is definitely more of a `90s thing than a 21st century prototype.

Eneloop charger board:

To charge your dedicated battery packs wireless with Qi. (not the batteries in the middle of the photograph) When Panasonic took over Sanyo, these kind of charger boards made it into production, but with a different design. They are now called QE-TM101.


Solar panel / charger

This design didn`t made it into production either, it looks different from the ones that did make it to the market. See http://eneloop101.com/eneloop-products/

External link for most of these products: http://kaden.watch.impress.co.jp/cda/news/2007/10/31/1515.html


I don`t have a clue what this is. But it was supposed to be a kind of wireless Lan station that would also work as a battery pack of some sort including a solar panel.

It would look cool if it was a bluetooth speaker!


Limited edition 

I feel sad these designs never made it into production. I think this is from 2007. Way before the first real special edition batteries became available.
I really like the design of these..... I want them! With the small font! But I can`t make up what the device is that these are in.

A charger perhaps?

Eneloop vacuum cleaner

Or is it a clock?



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