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What`s the difference between Sanyo eneloops and Panasonic eneloops?

Sanyo started as the manufacturer of eneloop batteries. Panasonic bought Sanyo, and in 2013 Panasonic decided to change Sanyo eneloop to Panasonic eneloop.

What does eneloop mean?

Ene= energy Loop= cycle, as going in a loop. Rechargeable energy.

What does LSD mean?

LSD stands for Low Self Discharge.
Every battery that is stored away (or not being used in a device without parasitic drain) loses their charge. This is referred to as Self discharge. Eneloop batteries use high quality materials that will decrease this rate of discharge to a minimum. The result is that they lose their charge much slower than a traditional NiMH battery.

Does Panasonic make eneloop C and D cells?

Yes, they do. But they are only available in Japan. You can however buy AA to D and AA to C spacers that will allow you to use AA batteries in D-sized applications.

Can eneloop batteries really be charged 2100 times?

I believe they can, but under certain circumstances. This includes a predefined amount of current for charging and discharging, an ambient temperature of X degrees, and a certain amount of rest within their amount of charge and discharge cycles.

I also believe that they can be charged more than 2100 times. It really depends on how you charge them, and how much you discharge them and at what current.

So that means that my eneloop batteries can`t be charged 2100 times?

Hmm, most likely you won`t be able to do this. No need to feel upset. Imagine you would charge them twice every week for "just" 1000 times. We are then looking at 104 cycles in a year. In order to get 1000 cycles, you would be using those batteries for over 9 years.  I believe that is quite a long time. Imagine how much environmental damage you would have saved by not using Alkaline batteries.

Do I need a special charger for my eneloop batteries?

Yes and No. You don`t need a "special" charger. Actually any NiMH charger would work, but be careful not to use any ultra fast chargers or time-based chargers. The ultra fast charger would damage the battery and reduce it`s cycle life. Especially with charging PRO batteries, which are more sensitive than standard eneloops and eneloop lite. The time based chargers, depending on the charge current can also damage the batteries.
See the charge FAQ for more info on charging

What`s the difference between the 1900 mAh and the 2000 mAh eneloopbatteries?

There is no difference. 1900mAh is the Minimum capacity of a standard model, while 2000 mAh is the Typical capacity. In Japan they stopped showing Typical capacity on their packages since about 2013. I believe the Typical capacity is still shown on some packages in the US. Correct me if I`m wrong.

Do eneloops suffer from memory effect?

No they don`t. They do not have a memory effect. But they do have a reduction in capacity over time. I think its called Lazy effect.. or something similar. It means that they will not have full capacity after many charges. With a "refresh" cycle you will be putting them back to full capacity again.

How often do I need to charge my batteries?

That`s the same question as: how often do I need to fill up my car? Well, it really depends. If you never drive, you don`t have to fill it up, ever. If you drive often, you fill it up often.
If you use them often it is the best practice not to empty them completely.  It`s fine to do so, but you`ll be able to get more charges out of the batteries. This has been tested by Mark. He got over 5000 cycles from an eneloop battery by not fully draining and not fully charging the battery.

Where should I store my batteries? And at what temperature? 

You are best of storing it in a dry cool place. Not in a humid, very hot or wet environment. Sanyo recommended to store them around 24 degrees celsius and not in a fridge/freeze.

If I drop my battery, can it get damaged?

Yes, it can certainly damage the battery if dropped on a hard (for example concrete) floor. You should keep an eye on the battery when charging and see that it doesn`t get excessively hot. (Fortunately they can withstand quite a bit, so one drop to the floor is usually no big deal).


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