What is the recommended charge current for Eneloops?

The recommended charge rate depends on the model and size. Have a look at all the product sheets on the overview page.  There you will see the fast charge current. It`s better not to charge at a very low current because it is more difficult for the charger to recognize if a battery is full. My recommendations for manual chargers; (charge rate: 0.3C-1C). This is also the recommended charge rate by Maha /  Powerex.

AA std= between 700mA and 2000mA
AA PRO= between 700mA and 2500mA
AA lite= between 300mA and 1000mA

AAA std= between 250 and 750mA
AAA PRO= between 300 and 1000mA
AAA lite= between 200 and 500mA

An Eneloop technician actually recommended charging with .5C – 1C. But if the charger is good enough, the lower charge current (about 1000mAh or lower ). Scroll down to understand what C means.


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